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Wholesale Thailand Silver Jewelry

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Looking for silver pendants wholesale jewelry made in Thailand? The greatest thing about Thailand is that you can always find very unique shimmering creations that are elegantly crafted by artisans with skills passed from generations to generations. The high degree of specialization of Thai craftsmen guarantees you of top quality jewelry that is much desired by everyone ranging from the individual buyers to the top end luxury buyers such as Swarovski. If you choose the right kind of the silver pendants wholesale pieces made in Thailand, you can find some of the best quality by taking your time to search for the best wholesalers who can offer you the best pieces at very affordable prices.

The beautiful thing about the Thai silver jewelry is the quality and affordability of it all. Jewelry doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and in Thailand, you will be able to get some of the finest pieces in the world which cost so little that you can buy several pieces without feeling the pinch. The trick is to find the right kind of reliable wholesaler in Thailand that selects the best pieces in the world and offers them to you with relative ease without much hassle on your side.

You can choose from the handmade jewelry made from some of the leading artisans in Thailand. There is also the stamping jewelry, casted jewelry, plain silver jewelry, brush finishes and the laser engraved designs. Depending on your custom requirements, you can simply get in touch with the Thai silver pendants wholesale company that is reliable, trusted and with unique selections and you will be guaranteed of the best jewelry of your desires that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

The right kind of silver pendants wholesale companies will offer you a fascinating array of jewelry designs. These are generally products from several months of creative efforts by the top end jewelers and as a result, the quality is really impeccable. Thai jewelry has great diversity thanks to its creative talent in jewelry design and as a result.

You will find great variety of sparkling and shining silver jewelry. The prices are generally unbeatable. Your silver acquisitions do not have to bankrupt you and if you are looking for the best quality at an affordable rate, then the silver Thai jewelry and pendants are the best route to go. You can find great silver pendants for all kinds of occasions including weddings, holidays and anniversaries amongst many other occasions. Whether you are looking for silver jewelry for the occasions or simply looking to make a statement with your pendants, there is very good diversity that you can find in wholesale Thai jewelry stores such as the Planet Silver at

Planet Silver is a 925 sterling silver wholesaler that has been in the business for the past 15 years and is known for its exclusive jewelry designs. Choose from up 925 silver jewelry pieces including the silver rings, bracelets, earrings, beads and pendants. There are very diverse finishes in the jewelry with very precious stones. Check out their collections and find some unique inspirations to cherish.

How to Transform Your Wedding Reception into a Lavish Space

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With the ceremony over, you may now begin the real celebration. The wedding reception venue is a highly important place because this is where you will enjoy food and drinks, as well as the company of your guests. Hence, it is necessary to hire a wedding stylist to transform an ordinary space into something lavish for your wedding reception. You do not have to spend a great deal of money but with the right planning and style ideas, you can create quite an impression to your guests.

Check out these tips to work with your wedding stylist and transform your reception venue into something magical:

•    Make the ceiling lively! Oftentimes, you spend too much time planning and decorating the table centerpieces that you neglect the ceiling décor. However, you should refrain from doing so, especially if you want a lavish reception. Use hanging flowers, green vines, chandeliers, wooden frames, or draperies. These details will transform the entire room and make it look lively. Just don’t overdo it.

•    Use hanging lights. This is another great and effective way to transform a space into a magical wedding reception. There is something about the use of hanging lights that render a romantic and intimate feel into a space. Hence, you can take advantage of this to decorate your wedding reception.

•    Bringing the outdoors in. The most awe-inspiring wedding reception decorations are those that bring the beauty of nature in, whether or not you are holding the reception in an outdoor setting. From beautiful vines to floral runners, it will surely leave a great impression on your guests.

•    Bring attention to details. Use strategic lighting in order to highlight certain details of the wedding reception décor. For instance, you can use under-the-table lighting to compensate for dim lighting within the room. This is a great technique to showcase beautiful lighting and drapery details on the ceiling. Whatever it is that you want to achieve or highlight, you can consult with a stylist to create the right effect.

•    Personalize the details. A common way to personalize the details of the wedding décor theme is to use the initials of the couple’s names in the décor. Hence, you can do the same to make the celebration even more inspired and highlight what the celebration is about.

•    Use reflective surfaces. From the table to the iounge seats of the couple, or the use of wall details in the room, take advantage of reflective surfaces to add instant glamour to the room.

•    Put together vintage items. There is something about using vintage touches to the décor that can make it look lavish and glamorous at the same time. If you can strategically use these items, it can add a dose of pretty to your wedding décor.

Make your wedding reception a work of magic and art! Circle of Love Weddings is an experienced wedding stylist and coordinator that has worked with all kinds of wedding themes for several years. If you are planning a wedding in Australia, check them out at