Get the Works in Fashion, Art, Design, and Music with A.D.F.M

Inhale inspiration and exhale creation: that about sums up the newly launched boutique website, A.D.F.M., perfectly. I recently caught up with Michelle Wong, the founder and creator of this well executed online store. Really a one-stop-shop, it kills not two birds, nor three, but four birds with one stone. The website covers art, design, fashion and music, and what more could a person with discerning taste for all of the above ask for? featureI got a little insight into Michelle’s background, someone who herself has a great appreciation of all of these elements. With music production as her background, having lived in London, and with a stint in the film industry, it’s pretty clear that A.D.F.M. is likely to be nothing but a great success. The idea came to Michelle last year and with a few great minds and talents to help her put it together, A.D.F.M was born and launched October 14th, 2011.

A.D.F.M. is filled with urban contemporary pieces for both men and women, where shoppers can also read up on the most current artists and DJs in the music scene, and listen to their tracks while they shop. I looked around for art and books to fill the blank walls of my apartment and perhaps also a new piece for my ever growing wardrobe. Become a VIP A.D.F.M. member and receive first dibs on the handpicked items found on the website, pre-order new items and receive discounts. The exclusivity is reason enough to shop here: items are limited and handpicked by Michelle from all over the globe. Want a personal shopper to guide you? In the ‘Stylist for You’ section you will find 3 featured local stylists to help you with your shopping needs and wants. Pretty righteous little bonus, especially since it’s currently a free service on the website.

So, if you’re looking for a shop filled with handpicked items with a refined, modern approach, A.D.F.M. may be the last stop in your search. And all from the click of a button in your cozy apartment on one of these crisp, winter days.

My meeting with Michelle left me excited and refreshed: to think such a promising online shop hatched right out of our own Vancouver and can be seen and enjoyed not only by us locals, but all of Canada and beyond, with all items and content available to be purchased worldwide. Below are some of our favourite items to be found in A.D.F.M..

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